Saturday, March 08, 2014

Feeling Fragile

The rich and different food caught up with me yesterday, feeling terribly frail with an upset stomach.  Not pleasant!

The day before I managed a bush walk to the top of the island to two lookouts.  The walk was rated as "medium" but with my fitness level it was "very hard" but well worth it for the views

I cannot seem to be able to upload the lookout photos, but here are a couple of  the island as we depart today for the mainland.  We travel on this small boat out to the sea vessel.

Once we were on the sea vessel, this photo is looking back towards the island.

We now have three days on the mainland before we return home.  The island did not have any TV or radio services, so we are catching up on some national news.

Tomorrow we are booked into the Mandala Spa for a massage, bliss!

Hopefully I will be able to sort out the photo upload problem by then.


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  1. Belinda8:55 pm

    Hope you are feeling better Judy. Loving your pics from your beautiful holiday, I can nearly smell the sea!!! Have a relaxing time and a safe journey home.