Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rainy Day Craft

I found a lovely rainy day craft on Pinterest this morning ...  recycle drink coasters into Post-It Note Holders.

The above photo, certainly looks much better than the original coasters.
This is what I started with ... ordinary drink coasters that you can pick up in any hotel or restaurant
Cover each side with scrapbooking paper, punch two holes in the top, thread some ribbon through, add your post-it notes, and you are all finished.
I tried to match the paper with the colour of the post-it notes I had on hand
Six finished little gifts, all done in a couple of hours.  Great for teachers, co-workers etc


  1. Belinda3:51 pm

    Very clever Judy! They look great.

  2. You have been very busy. These post it pads are terrific. Great idea. Sorry I have missed the last couple of your postings. Love the owl, he is a cutie. I've been making can cozies in my head for several months now but have yet to make one in the sewing room, good job and great ideas for making it fit your can properly. They will be great in pink ribbon fabric. Thanks for the shout out on the bowl buddy. I have now completed 4 sets. 3 as gifts one sold. The gal I made the first set for has now made 6 sets. They are kind of addicting. I will be making more in the near future for a Christmas in July Hop. Your's is great. I'm thinking that they would be great in pink ribbon fabric. They could be used in place of a bag for your collection of small gifts. Maybe put your can wrap around a candle and toss in a tissue cover and a note pad etc, etc. you get my picture...I will stop babbling now. Have a great day.

  3. Belinda10:42 am

    I actually made some of these over the weekend Judy with a little addition. I had some little pens that I found a few months back over at K Mart so I added them onto the side hanging with a little tie. I think they look pretty good and they were so quick and easy. I asked a local club for a dozen or so coasters and got given a full packet of about 200!!! So if you ever fall short of coasters..let me know!