Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's A Start

I had time yesterday to put a hanging top on a hand towel.  I use these types of hand towels in both the kitchen and laundry.  Now, be prepared, I know it is not much, however it is a start!

I kept the full length of the hand towel, and just added a fabric topper with a button, so that I could hang it on a hook..

My next attempt at following a pattern from Flower Girl Designs Collection for a "Keep It Cool Can Wrap" needs twigging.  I followed the pattern exactly (which I always do, "the first time") however the measurements were way off may have something to do with the size of our cans in Australia?
Notice how it is too short, and the next photo shows that it is also too wide, I even took it in 1/2"
I will make another one, but I think I will add Velcro to one side, so that it can wrap snuggly around the can, and take my own measurements for the height of the can.  I think these would be a novel gift for friends, and I am thinking of making them in "pink ribbon" fabric for my table at the annual dinner.
I do not have any excuses for no motivation in the next few weeks, as my friend Belinda send me a list of ideas of things to make ...

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