Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bargain Shop Find - Chalkboard Labels

I had a great find at our local Bargain Shop today - Pack of 24 Chalkboard/Blackboard labels, with white pen for only $2.00 - bargain!

I purchased a number of these little jars, all ready to organise my craft supplies
So I added the self adhesive label, wrote on them, and now I am starting to get organised.
With 24 labels in each pack, these can be used in a number of ways:
Check out these link for uses of chalkboard labels:
Pantry Labels - blog.worldlabel.com
Mini Mason Jar Tumblers with Faux Chalkboard Labels - vintagezest.blogspot.com.au
Notebook Cover with Chalkboard Label - thegirlinspired.com
Chalkboard Labels for Wedding Drinks - onthegobride.com
Chalkboard Bottle Labels -  hammerspadewhisk.com
Lots of great ideas, most of them involve making your own labels, but if you can purchase them already made, so cheaply, go for it, I say!

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