Friday, April 26, 2013

Pocket Warmers

Now that the cooler weather is coming, I thought I would make some pocket warmers - these would be great heated and then tucked into your pockets before venturing out in the cold!

I used the same principle for these pocket warmers, with a removable cover, as the tutorial from Selina Quilts (see the original post here) for her rice-filled heat packs.

I had some fabric left over from making the bags, so I made a matching set of pocket warmers



For anyone wanting to make some of these pocket warmers, here are the measurements to make one pocket warmer:

Outer cover:
Cut fabric 10" x 4" - sew double 1/4" hem on each of the 4" sides, fold up one end approx 2-1/2", then fold the other end over, overlapping approx 1/2" - length of closed bag should be approx 3-3/4"

Inner bag:
Cut calico 7" x 4",  fold 7" length in half and then sew down both 4" sides - turn right side out, fill with approx 4 spoons of rice (I used a dessert-spoon) then sew the opening closed.

Pop  the rice filled bag into the outer cover

 Then the last thing you have to do, to make this a lovely gift, is to wrap two warmers in ribbon and print out a tag with the instructions.  I printed the instructions on some lovely card-stock and then used my tag punch to punch it out - I think this was just enough.

The "Gift For You" ribbon used on the pocket warmers, is available in store - click here for details

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  2. Anonymous4:28 am

    It's unseasonably cold already here in Michigan. I'm going to make some of these for surprise gifts right now!
    Carol :)