Monday, April 15, 2013

Handmade Gift Sets

I think these little sets would make a great gift, and I love making them.

1.  Fresh lime green wallet, emery board with cover, and top opening tissue cover

2.  Blue and brown (love those colours together) wallet, card holder keyring and emery board with cover
3. Paisley print wallet, cardholder keyring and emery board with cover

4. Bright floral card holder keyring and emery board cover

5. Another bright floral cardholder keyring with emery board cover

Not sure if I will make these available in the online store for sale, may just keep them for the next Farmers Market, or even in my box for gifts.
Reading back, I just realised I did not upload a photo of the last Santa I made as promised in February.  Will do that shortly
Until next time

1 comment:

  1. Hi Judy, These are great. Wonderful idea as gift sets. Now, where have I been? I haven't seen several of your more recent contributions and I don't know why. Very sorry, they are great things you have been doing. I really like the little wallets and your Easter Eggs were so sweet.
    Glad to see you are continuing to be so productive. I check in again soon. Selina