Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Zippered Pouch

I do not know if I have told you, however I am not confident when it comes to sewing in zippers!
While visiting my sister today in Albury, we decided to try and make a little pouch (with a zipper)

This little pouch was originally just a 6 1/2" square with 1/2" tapered from the top to the bottom, and then boxed at the bottom to give this nicely shaped pouched.

It was lined, however the battery in my camera went flat before I could get a photo of the pouch opened so that I could show you the lining.

It was very quick to make, and the zipper, although not perfect, was not too bad!

With the swivel hoop attached, it could be used for a number of purposes... while out walking clipped to your belt, inside your handbag for easy access

What would you use it for?  I think I may make another one, a little larger for my toiletries

The next photo is of the one my sister made, in the background.  Luckily she went first, and I could learn from her mistakes (remember to leave zipper open, so you can turn it right side out, he he), and / or work out a easier way of making it. 



  1. So glad you took the leap. I have found that zippers are addicting and there are all sorts of great tutorials out there to help sort out issues.
    If you are going to do a toiletry bag, you may want to try doing a wide mouth zipper. There is a great tutorial for it

    she has several great tutorials. its where i went to do my first zip pouch.

  2. Belinda9:45 pm

    Well done Judy! I too hate sewing zippers and avoid them at all costs...that was until I found a little tutorial for a little zippered pouch. I'll email it to you. This pattern is soooo easy!