Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lip Balm Holders - Testing

I have been playing, trying to make a "usable" lip balm holder.  Something that I can attach to my bag or keyring so that I am not always trying to find it down in the bottom of my bag
It took three attempts to get something that I was satisfied with ...
No 1:  Both the keyring and the strap was too wide for the holder, also the holder was a little snug
No 2:  Keyring better size, however strap was too long.  Also holder a little long
No 3:  This is nearly right - everything looks in proportion
I will make a few more and put them in my gift box - if anyone wants a tutorial for making these, just leave a comment, and I will take step by step photos when I make the next one.
I also completed one more breast cancer bag.  My co-ordinator stated that the hospital is slowing down on needing the bags (isn't that fantastic news), so we can slow down on the production line.  I will still continue to make them, as it is a great cause, and when I want to sew, I can just pick up one of these to make.
The fabric in this bag was purchased from the furnishing section of Spotlight.  I bought 1/2 metre and it is enough to make the outside of two bags ... I love it


  1. Belinda11:29 pm

    Loving the lip balm holders Judy! You are so clever, they look great. Love the breast cancer bag...Just read your post and realised I have forgotten to pick up the bags from you! So sorry! Will do so soon I promise!

  2. Belinda11:58 pm

    Forgot to ask, the tutorial would be the same as for the emery board covers? Could you give me the measurements of the lip balm covers please??? I think they would go nicely for the Camp Quality street stalls in Sydney.

  3. I like the idea of the lip balm holders- they would be useful

  4. Can you please send me the tutorial for the lip balm holders? I think I will help the youth group here make them for the boxes we are making for church
    thank you

  5. Can you please send me the tutorial for the lip balm holders? I think I will have the youth group make them for the boxes we are filling at church to be sent to other churches for thoose in need thank you

  6. Can you send me a copy of the lip balm tutorial.

  7. May I have the tuitorial for the lip balm.

  8. Anonymous4:32 am

    could i get the tuitorialfor the lip balm holder? i love it!

  9. Hi
    These are perfect for end of year gifts.
    Could I have a tutorial please
    Thank you

    1. Tracey - not sure I still have the instructions - will check over the weekend - this was in 2013 😀