Monday, June 25, 2012

Updates (or not)

You may have noticed that I have fallen off of the edge of the blogosphere for the past week and I cannot see it getting any better this week.  Life has been crazy, the repairs at my Mum’s house, is dragging out, although I am pleased to say that they now have a bathroom after being without for over 3 weeks.  Waiting on kitchen bench tops, and fingers crossed the carpet will be laid in the bedrooms tomorrow.  Goodbye, cold, drafty  floorboards. 

As you can imagine, I have been cooking and providing transport and bathroom services while all this is going on.  To say my Mum is looking forward to having her house to herself again is an understatement.
This weekend, I have a trade table with my buttons and sewing notions at the Barellan Quilt Exhibition.  This is being held in the Barellan Hall, so I hope to see some of my local readers there.  I have two shipments of NEW buttons on their way from the USA, but my luck, they will not arrive in time for this weekend.  Not a problem really, as I have about another 1,000 packs to take!
Hope you are having more luck with your craft than I am at the moment.  I will catch up soon.


  1. Good to hear that things are going so productively at your moms. Good luck at the quilt expo, hope it's a successful event.

  2. Belinda8:53 pm

    Your stall at Barellan Quilt Show was great as usual Judy. Was so happy to purchase the pattern I have been eyeing off for a while as well as a few nick nacks for Bek. Hope the weekend continued to be successful for you.

    1. Thanks Belinda - great weekend, very successful. Tired, but happy. Look forward to catching up today