Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not Motivated

Do you ever have one of those days, everything is ready for you to "craft" but you are not in the mood.  The housework is done, a big batch of chicken soup bubbling in the slow cooker, a dull overcast day all pointing to available time in the craft studio, however I am "flat"!

I have pink ribbon card holder key rings, all cut out ready to sew

Fabric cut out ready for a lined travel bag

While I had the patchwork themed fabric out, I also cut out another Japanese Knot Bag and Breast Cancer Drain bag.

Everything is cut out, ready, I just need to sit at the sewing machine!  Oh well, maybe after lunch, I will find my mojo and get started

During the week I did get some more soap sweaters finished.  My sister found some Panda Feltable Wool at Spotlight and send half a dozen balls to me ... the wool is nice and soft and Australian! Ideal for the soap sweaters.

What gets you motivated?  Do you ever want to craft but are just "not in the mood"?  (Like Me)


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  1. Yes, I do. Sometimes, I just force myself & that can be a big mistake. Other times, I just wait for the mood to pass & pray about it.