Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The best laid plans, come undone.  We had a early morning visit from the Carpet Laying Company to say that their carpet layer was sick, therefore was unable to start laying the carpets today.  Not sure when he will be back on deck!

Then, we had news that the kitchen benchtops had not yet arrived in town, and that the kitchen sink was still weeks away... now hopefully my readers have determined that I am a lady, but let me tell you, a few curse words were uttered when I heard this.

This is the disadvantage of living in a small country town, where there are no big shops that stock general building or household supplies.  I was peeved, imagine how my Mum feels when it is at least another week before she can use the kitchen!

Lets hope the carpet layer has not got anything serious wrong with him, and that he is better tomorrow, PLEASE?

I think I need to go and beat a rug or something to release my aggression/anger.

Hopefully better news tomorrow


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