Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rice Bags

A blogging friend, Selina (find her blog here) sent me a rice bag kit and instructions before Christmas, however I did not get a chance to make any until now.  How I wish I had, they would have been a perfect gift for a lot of my friends.  Not to worry though, as I have now made them, and they are ready for gifting.

The outer covers:

The inner bags before filling with rice

The bag filled - you only 1/2 fill the bag with rice, so that it will move around and mold to your body.

The rice filled inner bag inside a cover

All packed up with a instruction label on the front


I filled four of the bags, and left the other four unfilled.  They will be ready to fill whenever a gift is needed.  Great idea to have these on hand for a quick gift.  Suitable for both men & women.

Selina gave a tutorial over on Sew We Quilt for these rice bags, you can find her instructions here

Update:  3 of the filled bags have already been claimed by family members ... that is a good sign!



  1. Thanks so much for the linkup. I love your choices. I think the polka dots are my favorite. Did you really press the inner bags? Nice touch. I like your bags and labels very thoughtful. You're correct, it's a great sign when the family offs with them. On Christmas I brought out the ones I made for the tutorial and they were sucked up faster than the eye could see. I still don't know who took what. It is a gift that keeps on giving and I get requests from people I made them for a couple of years back for new ones on a regular basis.

  2. I've been wanting to make some of these rice bags. I agree that the are a wonderful gift to keep on hand for when you need that last minute something.

  3. What a wonderful gift that would make. Love that the directions are included.

  4. Love your rice bags. I saw the tutorial by Selina too at Sew We Quilt! You picked pretty fabric for the covers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. terrific gifts…I don't know anyone who would not benefit..