Friday, January 06, 2012

5 minute craft

Just to keep myself sane, I managed 5 minutes of craft time yesterday ...using just two items.
Jumbo paperclips and patterned tape

I first saw the idea on a french site, here

I tried, and I must admit my first response, was "what a non event" ... they looked boring, the paperclip looked too big for the tape.  Oh well, I tried.

Then I was looking through a cooking book that I had received for Christmas and wanted to mark the page I was up to.  I grabbed one of these paperclip bookmarks, and was pleasantly surprised.  How good they looked in the book, but more surprising how effective.  The tape was easily seen. (although this is not a good photo, to show you)

I popped some more in a novel, that I have yet to read. Maybe if I stayed out of the craft studio and off the computer, I may get a chance??  This photo shows just how effective this bookmark is.

So, even if you are going to give them away to family and friends, presentation is the key!
I amended the backing card that I had made for the button bookmarks before Christmas, and placed these on it ... I think they came out nicely

Just a closeup

All in all a good five minutes... there are many lovely Japanese masking tapes and decorative tapes available at the moment, that these can be a quick and easy craft to do.  I am going to get my nieces and nephews to make some when they next come to visit.  Maybe you could layer the tape and get different effects?  Worth a try!

I hope you managed to get at least 5 minutes of craft time today?

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  1. Love these! I always need another bookmark - seems like I'm usually grabbing whatever paper is nearby. I especially love your backing card - a perfect compliment to a sweet gift!