Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recycling - Grocery Bag Container

I seem to use a lot of these wipes lately, and the container is so strong, it seems a shame to just "throw" it away.

They have a large opening and are huge inside.

Enter the grocery bag dispenser ..  take your grocery shopping bags, fold in half lengthwise.  Ensure you push all the air out of the bags.  Then line each bag up end to end with the handles overlapping the bag before it.

Keeping the handle of the first bag in the line free (folded to one side) roll up the long line of bags tightly.  I used 20 bags in my container, and it could have used at least another 10-15, but that is all I had on hand.

Place inside the empty container.

Add the lid, and pull the first bag handles through the slit on top.

Cut a piece of fabric to fit around the container, and modpodge to the surface, overlapping a little at the back -- this acts as a glue and sealant.  If you then brush modpodge on the outer surface of the fabric as well, it is a mild water proofing sealant.

Keep this container in the boot of your car, for those occasions when you need a plastic bag.  Wet towels, general car rubbish etc.  Great recycling and looks a lot prettier than having those bags stuffed into a drawer.


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