Sunday, November 13, 2011

Button Rings

Teenagers seem to love big rings, so I decided to make some as gifts.  Using just buttons, ring base, glue and craft cutters, I had made four rings in 5 minutes.  You cannot complain about that!

Most buttons have a shank, which needs to be removed.  This is where the craft cutters are so useful, they remove the shank flush with the back. 

Shank removed

Now all you need to do, is glue the button to the ring base.  I used E600 glue, as it is strong

Four rings made ..

Now, you cannot just give a ring without it being presented in a ring box, can you?

Using the old technique of recycling Christmas cards into boxes, I made each ring a little box and included a mount for the ring to fit into.

If you do not know how to make the recycled boxes, check out this YouTube link

All boxed up and ready to give

Total costs for each is less than $1.00  as the only item purchased was the ring bases.  Most people would have everything else in their craft supplies.  This is a good way of using those beautiful old buttons in your stash. I think it would also work with old ear-rings as well.

Do you have someone on your Christmas list that would like a button ring, go on make one or four?


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  1. These are great gifts with lovely presentation. You are pretty niffty with buttons that's for sure. The rings are great but I really love the boxes. Thanks for the link.