Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabric Envelopes

Selina Quilts is one of the many blogs I follow and she posted recently about some fabric envelopes.  Lucky for me she included the link to the tutorial she followed, so I could get the instructions.

The envelope is a great size, it will hold a fabric covered journal (still to be made), a DVD and I also think you could use it as a holder for many things.

The first one I made - I used Velcro for a closure.

Then I played with some patterned jelly bean vinyl - and used a button and elastic for the closure.
Love how this turned out

Finally a custom one for my nephew for his birthday, which is in 12 days time.  I still need to make a journal to put inside this one.  I liked the idea of printing his name on fabric for the inside of the envelope and I think I will keep this theme for the inside of his journal.  Again I used vinyl on the outside.  It may protect it a little bit from the "rough and tumble" treatment.

Now I need to get the journal made to complete the gift, however I will not be able to start on it for a few days.

It is school holidays in NSW, and my brother and his family are visiting, so that means a "craft day" with my nieces and nephews.  Lucky I cleaned up my craft studio, so there will be room to play.

I will post photos of their creations...



  1. I love them. I didn't use the button because I didn't want to make a buttonhole. The elastic was a great alternate idea. Did you iron on the vinyl or is it vinyl coated fabric. I have a piece of the iron on that I want to try. Did you print your nephew's name using freezer paper? Take care and keep up the creative work.


  2. Cool envelopes! I just have an idea to teach my niece how to do this. I hope you could come up with a video tutorial? Thanks!