Saturday, January 26, 2013

Koala Cupcakes for Australia Day

I think this idea came originally from the Australian New Idea magazine, but it is certainly applicable for an afternoon treat on Australia Day

Koala Cupcakes

 These were very easy to make, the only difficulty I had was trying to make a grey coloured icing for the koalas.  I was unable to purchase black food colouring in my small town, so I mixed red & blue food colour together until I got the desired shade.

For the actual cupcake, I cheated, and used a packet mix .. easy.  Spread with frosting and then dipped in coconut.  Sliced pink marshmallows for the ears, mini choc bits for the eyes, and a black jelly bean for the nose.  

Pity the children were not visiting so that I could share.  The grown-ups enjoyed the treat anyway.

I also used two flags from a purchased Australia Flag banner to make a new cover for my sunglasses.  I have a habit of just placing my sunglasses on the console in the car, and they usually slip to the floor.  Not an idea situation.

This banner was purchased from the discount store for only $2.00 - it had about 10 little flags on it

The flags were the ideal size for my sunglasses.  I did not have to cut them at all.

Lined with a nice red check fabric, my sunglasses will be happy

Sunglasses, popped inside and now safe with the Velcro closure

Hope you had a great Australia Day, it really is a fantastic country we live in!



  1. Belinda9:57 pm

    The cupcake koalas are gorgeous Judy! Love your sunnies case too.

  2. Anonymous9:24 am

    The Koala cupcakes look really yummy. Hope you had a great Australia Day

  3. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Very Cute, well done on the colour, they look great.

  4. Anonymous10:04 pm

    So cute! My daughter is obsessed with koalas and this will be great for her bday