Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knitting afternoon

I spend yesterday afternoon with my Mum, sitting in front of a wood fire, chatting.  I took along my knitting bag, and found the time to make two knitted sweater soap covers.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it.  It incorporates the idea of having a wash cloth and soap all in one.  You must use 100% wool, so that the wool will shrink and felt around the soap.  Wool, is naturally anti-bacterial, so the soaps should not get "yucky" in the bathroom.

The brown one on the left has a much squarer soap inserted than the lumpy Dove soap in the pink cover.  The squarer the better, I think.  I am going to try the pink one to see how it works in the bathroom. 

Naked, without their card-stock sleeve.

I also knitted some coathanger covers, after a very BIG hint from my mother that she would love some more. 

The thing I like about these covers is that there is no need to pad the coat hanger.  I use "cheap" feathers wool from the discount store.  Cast on 70 stitches, and knit 18 rows in stocking stitch (1 row, knit, 1 row purl).. Cast off.  Leave a long tail of wool, to enable you to sew it on the wooden coathanger.

That is all there is to it... you do not even have to have neat and tidy stitches when sewing it on the hanger as the fluffiness of the wool, hides any imperfections.

One ball of wool, makes two covers... or very close.

Bundle a couple of covered hangers together for a lovely gift.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend


  1. Hey Judy,
    Showed MJ your ideas for covering a soap bar and he wants me to make a couple for him to try. He wants to try the terry cloth version. I'll let you know how it works out.
    In the past I have made knitted hanger covers but they weren't as easy as your instructions. I'm gonna have to give them a try too. Take care, Selina

    1. Will wait to hear - I found I liked my toweling one when the soap had shrunk a little bit - it lathered up more.. the hangers are quick and easy .. and the clothes do not slip off them
      Thanks - Judy