Friday, March 21, 2014

Curses ....

I was on the Internet replying to a email when we had a huge electrical storm ... and guess what, we lost power AND it fried my Internet modem.  I am currently using my small wireless USB Internet stick to update the blog.  Very slow.

As I live in a small country town, it is not possible to purchase a replacement ADSL modem easily, so it will probably mean a trip to the nearest city.  Griffith is only 69 kilometres away, but it is a nuisance when it is not planned, let alone the expense of replacing the modem!

I am very lucky my computer is still working, and my backup drive, which was connected when we had the power outage, is still working.  So it is not all bad news, although my week has been one of "hiccups", a welcome back to normality, I think!

I do have some more finished items to post, but I will leave that until I get my Internet sorted out.

Hope you had a better week than me...


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