Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Treats

Halloween is not really celebrated in Australia, although we do get some children in my neighborhood dressing up and coming to the door trick or treating!

I usually just get some store-bought candy, but this year, time permitting, I am going to put together some treats myself.  This is a trial run, and these ones will be going to my nieces and nephew.

Here we have witchie-poo lollipop holders and mummy chocolate bar covers. Both are free printables from Laurie Furnell - click here to see her blog.

1.  Cute little mummy wrappers - these are so cute they would not scare anyone!

I have resized this graphic to fit around the very small children's Cadburys chocolates.  You buy them 5 in a pack, usually with animal graphics on the front. (I did not take a photo before wrapping)
2. Witchie-Poo Candy Holder - a very cute colourful witch
These have been printed on card stock, I could fit 3 onto one page.  I then cut a slit in the arms and threaded a Allens lollipop through to look like she was holding it.  You could laminate these if you wish, however I thought for the time it would take it would not be worthwhile.

Now to find out what else I can make up for Halloween.  There are so many generous talented people on the web that freely share their designs and ideas, we are so very lucky!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Just adore the mummy wrappers, they're sweet and you're right, they wouldn't scare anyone. I know some kids that are scarier than that!!!lol.
    Cheers Anita.