Friday, September 14, 2012

Rusty Tin Tags

Continuing on with the tag theme from last week - these are some rusty tags that I made last year, which I forgot to share with you.

These were simply made by cutting a tag shape from a sheet of rusty tin - this tin sheet can be cut easily with scissors. 
Then a vintage Christmas ticket graphic glued on.
The beautiful vintage Christmas tickets are a free download from "" .  This site is in Swedish but you can use Google Translate to translate it to English. There is a link to the translator on the left hand side of her blog. 
These tags are so cute - you can use them simply on a brown paper gift bag.
Remember to file down the side edges of the tag with a little sandpaper, as it can be a little sharp and you do not want anyone to get hurt.  I just used jute as the tie, but I think this year if I make some more, I would use bakers twine.
From one sheet of tin ($3.00) I could get 12 rusty tags - this is great value for money.

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