Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Old and the New

While my Mum has been sorting through her belongings, we came across this really OLD handmade pincushion.  It has been made out of a tin, and has a very worn tapestry cushion.  I love it!  The tin can has been cut into long strips and curled around to form the edging.

As you can see from the bottom, it appears that the tin is quite blackened, as though it has been cooked over a open fire.  There is something stamped on the bottom, however I cannot make out what it says.

I wonder how old it is?  One of my sisters can remember Mum using it when we were children. 

Now for the new .....

New Amy Bradley Designs pin cushion - I got this pattern (Miss Pinny Cush) in store early in January, and my eldest sister Ann, made this for me.  Really bright and cheerful, fun and practical.

The sides have the words, "ouch" and "darn" appliqued on them. 

What a difference the two styles.  One practical, using what was on hand and the other pretty, using new fabrics (although practical).

I am working on some Emery Board Covers, another small gift idea.  More details tomorrow

Have a great day

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