Friday, March 02, 2012

Key Ring Card Holder

I have an addiction, I cannot seem to stop making these little keyring card holders.  They really are that easy and quick.  Great to pop your license, fuel card, debit card (cash) in with your keys.

They are an ideal gift, and a great size to pop into a card.  I have personalised two (third one ready to sew) for my sisters.  I printed out their names onto fabric and then used this as the lining.

I could not take a photo of the inside lining, and the velco closure covered up most of the top of the flap.  However here is an example of one that is waiting to be sewn (I need to purchase some white velco today) to show you what the lining looks like.

Just one strip of 3" fabric, cut into 4 pieces and you too can make one of these.  Will I share the link to the pattern, you bet!  Here it is ...Key Ring Card Holder

I think this will be what I will sew as the thank you gift for the Breast Cancer Dinner this year.  They will look great made up in the pink fabric, pretty and practical. 

Do I now admit I have approximately another dozen cut out, waiting to be sewn?  Let me know if you get hooked on making these. 



  1. These are great. I can see whipping up a few of these for Easter. I give my nieces and nephews cash or gift cards for Easter from the bunny. These will be perfect holders.

  2. I went to the link & am so happy! Thank you so much!