Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Made It!

Well, the last day of the month, and I am just writing another post.  I have been busy and will show you the results in a couple of days (or two)

We celebrated Australia Day on Thursday January 26th and I had fun making some little treats for a party I was attending

It was a hot day, so nice cool jelly and watermelon were my treats of choice!

Caramello Koala in Gum Tree (Green Jelly) and Freddo Frog in Pond (Blue Jelly) .  As we were going to have these around the pool, I made them in plastic takeaway cups, just to be safe.

Then I used by Australia Map Cookie Cutter to cut out some shapes from the watermelon
Lots of fun.
I have already started making my Christmas Cards for this year.  What?  I hear you say?  Well, last year I was so rushed during November and December I decided to start early, and you have to admit this is "early".  Will post some photos soon.
February tomorrow already.  The days are going so quickly.  I have to say, Cindy has had a health free month, so I am so pleased about that!.  We start some training next month, a little late, but it was extremely difficult to find a trainer within a 100 klm radius of where I live.  She has naughty traits already, so hopefully we can correct them with training, nothing serious, just naughty. 
Until next time

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