Monday, April 20, 2015

Wooden Spool Crafts

Before Christmas I purchased some large wooden spools from the USA - I had a lot of trouble trying to source them in Australia, so I purchased in bulk so that I could add them to my online store.

Today I played with lots of different sized wooden spools, but firstly the new larger size


The above photo shows the size and the shape of the new larger spools which I have added to the online store.  They would also be great for storing twine, cord, embroidery thread and ribbon.

The wooden balls for the heads were pre-printed wooden balls that have been in my stash for ages.

More pixies, this time using a variety of different sized spools

Aren't the above faces, mischievous?

In the packet of pre-printed wooden balls there were cat and dog faces, well, I found a use for the cat faces, still working on what to make with the dog faces

I will be taking all these to my next market, on May 16th, prices for the pixies $2.00 and the cats $1.00 each

All good fun


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  1. great ideas for the spools. The pixies are sweet but I love the cats. They all have separate personalities, so fun.