Monday, March 23, 2015

Using a Brayer

What fun!  A simple and effective way to add colour to your embossed cards.  I have read of some people inking their embossing folders before they put them through the machine, however I have found this a much easier way.

Emboss your card, as normal and then ink up your brayer on your stamp pad .... and just roll it over the embossed surface

When you colour them, like this, there is little need for any further embellishments.  These were all originally embossed on white card stock and the colour is from the inks.  I am going to try one in the new Kaleidacolor Ink Pad to see the results.  This is a multi-coloured pad, so should be interesting.

This next card is one I made for a friend, lovely and fresh with the flowers, paper doily and border accent.

I am starting to get a stock of cards now, although I must admit not all of them have verses in the centre yet.  Must do that, so that they are ready for giving at any time.


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  1. WOW, that effect is wonderful. thanks for sharing the tip. Now if I can find the box with my stamping stuff I could try it. ;)