Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wooden Bead Bookmarks

For a quick and easy gift you can make with your children, try these Wooden Bead Bookmarks.

Wooden Bead with hole
Leather thong - cord would work just as well
Wool for hair
Paint for face

Just cut the leather thong to the desired length, remembering to keep it doubled.

Thread the doubled leather thong through the wooden bead

Wind some wool around your fingers, till nice and full and then thread it through the looped end of the thong, pull tight.  At this stage you may like to put a little glue underneath the hair to hold in place.

Paint a face on the wooden ball, anything you desire

Now all you need to do, is pop them between the pages of your book

The little wooden head pops up above the top of the book and the thonging is inserted between the pages

These make a great gift for teachers, family and friends

Enjoy your weekend, I may just relax on the lounge and finish reading this book.


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