Monday, June 23, 2014

Children's Weekend Craft

Another fun craft weekend with my family.  We made this little wallet and card holder keyring for her favourite Aunty Janet (I am relegated to 2nd favourite, he he) as well as a pin cushion for her own use.

Next she made this stuffed owl to sit in her bookcase .. I loved the colours she chose, she has a great eye for colour combinations.  Unfortunately it was a little smaller than she wanted, however I still think it is extremely cute.

Boy stuff next.  He had already made a list of things he wanted to make - slingshot, catapult.  He certainly takes me out of my comfort zone, but the internet is such a help to get ideas.

His dad had already helped preparing the twig required for the slingshot, so he just needed to put it together.  Elastic for the sling, with a little leather pouch to hold the missile.

Next the catapult - popsicle sticks, tape, bottlecap and rubber bands was all that was needed

As we still had a little time left, we used some coloured popsicle sticks to make some lizards.

Lastly, a quick and easy bookmark - he just glued a felt bird to the top of a popsicle stick.  It looked great and he is going to use it in his craft book ... where he puts photos of all his projects that he has made with me.  How sweet.

This is all I achieved over the weekend.  I cut out an owl and card holder keyring to sew... and that is as far as I got.  Maybe next weekend?

At least some craft was achieved in my studio, it has been quite a long dry spell


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  1. Belinda8:21 pm

    What clever little people you have Judy! They have done a great job with their projects.