Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sunday Sewing

I am nearly a week late with this post, no excuses.  Last Sunday my sister Sue & I had a day in the craft room.  The weather has been unbearably hot - 43 degrees, so since my air conditioner was now working it was an ideal place to be.

Sue's Sewing
My Sewing
We were testing out some small gift ideas, and we each completed four little items.

1.  Heart Pincushion from Moda Bakeshop
2.  iPhone cover
3.  Chapstick Cover
4.  Little Bunny Bag - seen on Selina Quilts Blog last Easter

The Heart Pincushion was quick and easy and used 2 co-ordinating fabrics, therefore both of ours were the same.  Nice and thick and will be capable of holding a lot of pins.  This would be an ideal little Valentine's gift for a sewing friend.

The iPhone cover, fits the phone snugly and securely.  It was extremely difficult to sew the final two seams on each side, due to the thickness of the wadding, fabric, interfacing as well as trying to contend with the seams. 

Chapstick Cover - don't we all need one of these.  Makes it easy to find and can be clipped onto the inside of your handbag.  This is a little different design from the ones I made here.  I think I prefer these ones.
Finally the little Bunny Bag - this was very easy to make, even if I had to pull out my sewing machine instruction book to check out how to sew a buttonhole.  It only uses 4 x 5" squares.  I can see these filled with little Easter Eggs for my nieces this Easter.
I will certainly be making more of each of these items, for the upcoming Red Carpet Market Day in Leeton.  Today, I started ... I made four more heart Pincushions and finished off another two little fabric boxes.
Tomorrow, and for the next week actually the heat wave conditions are going to continue, so I guess I will get a lot more sewing finished. 
I hope it is cooler where you are

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