Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rat Trap - Altered

Do you see objects when you are shopping, and think "I can do something with that?"  I seem to do it all the time ... I was in a shop purchasing some notepads when I saw this packet of Rat Traps

I had some notepads in my hand at the time, and thought - Notepad Holders!
Can you see it, the snap, used to hold the notepad securely - easy to access
I removed a couple of the fittings, and just left the spring and snap.  Then I base coated it, just in case the rat graphic showed through the paper.
The paper I chose to cover it with, has a fabric type feel, and in the retro 1950 style ..I just used mod podge to glue it down and then sanded the edges.
I painted the edges black, and then attached some very strong magnets to the back .. I think I overdid it with the magnets, but it certainly will not fall off the fridge
Now to take it into the house for the test on the fridge - all good! 
It looks great just by itself without anything clipped onto it, nice piece of art of the fridge
Add the notepad to the clip
It will also be great to hold artwork, invitations, bills, reminders etc
Now I have one more rat trap left, and I am going to try a totally different look for this one.. same principle but maybe a vintage look with lace, or a floral one with artificial flowers ... I will see where it takes me.
Have a great weekend


  1. Belinda7:10 pm

    Never would have thought that a rat trap could be used for something so pretty! You are always full of great ideas Judy.

  2. This is a very clever idea. Great choice of paper to use for a focal point.