Friday, August 03, 2012

Thank You

Thank you for all the kind words that you left for me following the sudden passing of my Mum.  It helped to console my heart and I am grateful for the many friends I have in cyberspace. 

I have not been in the mood for any craft until this week, when I decided to try and convert my parents photo onto canvas.  I had read of many ways to achieve this and the easiest one I thought was the one that was explained on Sarah's Never-Ending Projects Blog here.

Printing on tissue paper?  How hard could this be!  Well, following the instructions, I tried .. all seemed to work fine, until I went to glue it on the canvas .....

Sorry about the quality of the photo, I was not aware it was in the shade when I took it, and when I saw it, I thought, oh well, in keeping with the mistakes on the photo. 
Can you see the problem(s) - the tissue paper had creases in it, when it went through the printer.  Then when trying to get it smooth on the canvas, it left big white stripes. Sorry Dad!

So I tried again, a better result this time, but I still think there is room for improvement.  Using the tissue paper, the grain of the canvas comes through giving a lovely effect

Can you see the bottom right hand side corner, where I did not centre the photo, and then had to touch it up with paint?    I am going to have another attempt to see if I can better the results, ensuring that I get all the creases out of the tissue paper first.  One of the other steps that I changed in the second photo, was that I ironed the tissue paper onto Freezer Paper, just as if you were going to print on fabric - it seemed to create a smoother finish, although you must work slowly to remove the tissue paper from the freezer paper after printing.  Another hint, wait a little while before doing this, so that you give the ink time to dry.

I have many more ideas using this technique, so I want to be able to perfect it soon.

I also added another toy to my craft supplies, check out this beauty ...

Come back soon, to see what use I have put it to ...

My brother and family are coming home this weekend, so I am hoping that I get the children for a craft day.  They motivate me so much with their enthusiasm, and ideas.

Wishing you all a great weekend


  1. Belinda10:50 pm

    Great to see you on your blog again Judy, we missed you! What a beautiful photo of your mum and dad. Love your creativity, it inspires me to try new things. Hope you have a crafty weekend with the kids. Look forward to the pics!

  2. Great project to start back with. Your parents made a lovely couple. I've never seen this technique before, very interesting. Is this a permanent thing or will the tissue pucker if it gets wet.
    Good to have you back, Hugs, Selina

    1. Selina, I imagine the tissue would pucker if it got wet, you could use a light spray of sealer over the top to help protect it.