Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where Is The Cat?

Something a little different.  I was sent this photo in a email today - with the instruction "Where Is The Cat?".  I have looked, but not yet found it, however I am assured that there is one.

Can you find it?

Let me know if you find it, but PLEASE do not say where and spoil it for others


Edited 25/2/2012 - I eventually found the cat, I had to get some hints from my readers though.


  1. Hi Judy - found it straight away! Possibly because he (or she!) looks just like our son's cat whom we looked after for a couple of months, and have just sent off to Melbourne on the plane to be reunited with said son!

    All I will say is scroll carefully up and down the picture!

  2. I found it if you want to know email me at


  3. Yeah me too... but he is hard to find.......
    Cath Ü