Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Reindeer on a Spring

My friend Colleen from Colly's Christmas Crafts has sent me a pattern for one of her new designs ... Christmas on a Spring ... it comprises a Santa, Snowman and a Reindeer on a old bed spring.

I had the prototype of the reindeer, so I had to try him , he looked so cute when he arrived.
This is Colleens version, with his sweet adorable face

Now here is my attempt, some minor changes, due to the different bed springs used, mine was smaller and had the same size opening on the bottom and top.  Colleen's had a large bottom and a very narrow top

I still think they are cute ... we quite often use old rusty bed springs as prim nodders but by covering the spring they are converted into sweet "cutesy" craft items

This following photo shows the three together, it may give you an idea of the differences in design and sizing.

Not sure when this pattern will be available, but I am sure to have it in store as soon as it is published ... now to get permission to teach this at one of my craft workshops!

I will test out the Santa and Snowman on a spring in the next couple of weeks, and let you know the results


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  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Very cute, love the use of the bed springs