Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Getting Ready

What do you shop for with Christmas/Birthday money?  I have to admit I usually purchase some craft item, either a new tool, piece of fabric or in most cases a new pattern or book.

I have been shopping?  The book depository had a book that I have seen mentioned on numerous blogs - Fa La La La Felt by Amanda Carestio.  It features 45 handmade holiday decorations ... this is what I meant when I said I was "Getting Ready".  Christmas is only just finished and I am already thinking about next Christmas.  How cute is this photo on the cover, it is on my list of projects to do.

Now, you cannot go shopping, and just buy one book can you?  So of course, I ordered a second one ...

With free shipping, I still have some  money to spare ....

I love looking back through all my patterns and craft books, for inspiration and ideas. 

For all those people (myself included) who had to go back to work today, I hope it was not too stressful.

Enjoy the rest of the week

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